In this Century the cranotherapy, the treatment which cure various pathology through thermal therapy, has acquired strongest scientific basis thanks to the progress of medical research and studies which underlines the healingh action of themrla waters on the body.

The Minieri’s Company is one of oldest italian enterprises. Everything started in 1877 when the neapolitan businessman Eduardo Minieri won the call for tender of the rising thermal plant.

Today the company is classified at first super level and dispose of groundbreaking structures and facilities, notable sanitary and amministrative organization. The company also claim to have big and comfortably treatment and entertainment spaces.

Thermal activity are partly performed in the Thermal plant next to Minieri square (which take the name from the family who started the activity at the end of 19th Century) and partly in the turistical hotel of Grand Hotel Telese complex.


The treatment divisions located in Minieri’s Square are surrounded by one of the biggest and enchanting ancient trees park of Italy. In the middle of the park there’s two thermal spring waters swimmingpools (named Goccioloni and Pera), some thermal therapy pavillions, recreational structures and a big congress center of 500 seats.


At the Telese Thermae everything born from the simplest medicament: THE WATER

Telese waters have and ancient tradition. Sulphourous springs appear long time ago after an hearthquake happen in 1349 which caused the leak of minerals waters.

Very soon its reputation start to spread around. The themral water proved to be very helpful for skin diseases treatment, digestive system problems, respiratory system diseases and rheumatism.

Date back to the 1734 the publication of Tommaso Bruni’s book “De acidulis telesinis dissertatio” to which follows in the 1819 the Pietro Paolo Perugini’s “Memorie sull’indole e sull’uso delle acque minerali di Telese” and in the 1857 the Liborio Marone’s “Guida medica per l’uso delle acque minerali di Telese” .

Telese water sulphurous, carbonic, calcic and magnesic is full of minerals and naturally sparkling.


Active principles make it effective in numerous pathologic cases, rheumatology, angiology,otolaryngology , gynecology, dermatology and in gastroenterology.

The Telese water is full of carbon dioxide are helpful for peripheral blood circulation because it effect on the skin cause dilation of capillaries which help the cardio – vascular activity.
To draw the maximum benefit from Telese healing waters, we offer personalized care plans under medical check up.


The Telese themral park is a big green oasis of ancient trees fitted to offer the best comfort to its customers. There are two thermal swimmingpools (Pera and Goccioloni) feed by flowing water, a Garden Bar, an anphitheater, a restaurant and a children playground.