Gynecological therapy

The therapeutic properties and the active principles in the Telese water are really are really useful for certains feminine urogenital diseases.

The sulphurous water treatment  is practiced since ancient time. The sulphurous carbonic magnesic water is still used with proved effectiveness in our thermae to cure inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of the female genital tract ( endometrite, annessite, salpingite, vaginite, etc.). The Telese thermal water is also useful on painful sclerosis of pelvic connective ( sclerosis post surgical scar or outcomes of previous inflammatory processes), on secondary infertility from inflammatory pelvic diseases and for prevention of habitual abortion.

Vaginal douches, especially when combined with a therapeutic bath, are really useful to counteract effectively difficult diseases that are difficult to treatement.

Telese water effects are exfoliating, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and eutrophic; The sulphurous chranotherapy restore the natural balance of PH and vaginal bacterial flora.